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Energy storage

Elestor – electricity storage

Elestor has developed flow batteries with an extensive lifespan that can store electricity safely and at a fraction of the cost of traditional batteries.

Sustainable developement goals:

Revolutionary low-cost electricity storage in a hydrogen-bromine flow battery

Hydrogen bromine flow battery.

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The need

Given the unpredictability of renewable energy producers such as sun and wind, grid owners are looking for cost-effective means of storing electricity. This is essential to solve issues such as instability and overload of the electricity grid.

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The solution

Elestor electricity storage systems are based on hydrogen bromine flow battery technology. Originally developed by NASA, Elestor has further engineered the concept to enable its use in a wide variety of grid and industrial applications.

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The value proposition

  • Fast reaction kinetics, resulting in very short response times.
  • High accessibility, enabling easy maintenance and updates.
  • Independent configuration of storage power (mW) and capacity (mWh).
  • Modulary scalable, up to 10s of MW and 100s of MWh
  • No self-discharge when system is idle.
  • Storage costs per mWH 5-10 times lower than incumbent systems.

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