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A global leader in electric in-wheel propulsion solutions

The need

The propulsion architectures within current electric vehicles do not exploit the versatility and potential of electric motors.

The solution

Elaphe Propulsion Solution offers a superior design in a direct driven in-wheel motor placed inside the rim of a vehicle. Recent developments in electromagnetic research enables the use of direct driven electric motors for passenger vehicle operation, ensuring adoption in the largest segment of the automotive industry. A larger design space, a lower centre of gravity, and the reduction of required parts for any vehicle has cost reduction potential.

The value proposition

• In-wheel architecture offers: integrated corner possibilities with benefits in agility and manoeuvrability.
• No gearbox or drive-shafts.
• Grip control.
• Safety benefits.
• SW upgradeable advanced functions add-ons.
• Direct-drive – avoiding mechanical losses.
• Front trunk possibility and minimal powertrain footprint – increased cabin space.
• Shorter assembly lines – less overheads.
• Advanced manoeuvring capabilities.

The Elaphe Way

Elaphe Wheel For Video

BMW High Up
IMG 0501
IMG 0503

Commercialised by

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. Teslova 30 — 1000 Ljubljana www.in-wheel.com

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