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Bean to cup. Waste to energy!

The need

Over 2 billion cups of coffee is consumed worldwide on a daily basis. Coffee is actually the second most traded commodity in the world. This amount of consumption generates around 25 000 tonnes of coffee waste each day, ending up in the landfill and generating high carbon and methane emission.

The solution

Ecobean is a service (program partnership) that relies on waste coffee pick up from cafes or offices and which includes special bins and bags, footprint reports, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and marketing input. All collected spent coffee grounds are repurposed and provided into the market in the form of a range of bio- products such as: coffee briquettes and pellets, biodegradable flower pots, biodegradable coffee capsules, oils and fragrances.

The value proposition

• Ready-made circular economy solution.
• Ready-made CSR and eco-marketing input.
• Big brands and market leaders involved.
• A reduced CO2 footprint.

Ecobean Bags

Commercialised by

EcoBean Koszykowa 70 — 00-662 Warsaw https://www.ecobean.pl