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Turning coffee waste into valuable raw materials

Sustainable developement goals:

Coffee waste transformed into sustainable chemicals

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The need

In Europe, 9,000 tons of spent coffee grounds are wasted daily, while coffee is the fifth most CO2 intensive food product. This huge volume is not yet processed in any smart or sustainable manner. For EcoBean it amounts to €45 million worth of valuable feedstock.

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The solution

EcoBean turns spent coffee grounds into five fractions of sustainable chemicals: coffee oil, antioxidants, lactic acid (PLA), lignin, and protein additives. EcoBean is building a pioneering plant to process 100 percent of collected spent coffee grounds into raw materials. The company focuses on sustainable production and high-margin valorisation of waste.

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The value proposition

  • Reduction of the overall environmental footprint of the coffee industry.
  • Top quality sustainable chemicals with 50 percent lower carbon footprint on average in comparison to market alternatives: coffee oil, antioxidants, lactic acid (PLA), protein additives, coffee lignin.
  • Green and economically-valuable way to collect vast amounts of dispersed biomass.

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Product video image

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