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Eco Touch & Smart Building

Eco-touch energy intelligent manager automates heating management (including during periods of sleep) switches off standby during absences, and makes it possible to advantageously replace an energy meter.

Its simplicity of use gives it a unique advantage as it can adapt itself to any user profile.

Early stage

The most viable solutions for the intelligent energy management of housing

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The need

There is a need to address high energy bills derived from overconsumption, a lack of vision of the current state and energy consumption of building stock and the fact that energy saving and home automation solutions are still too costly and difficult to use and install.

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The solution

The product Ogga learns the life habits of owners and is then able to anticipate energy needs and automatic heating management. It allows lighting and stand-by mode cut-off during absences and offers consumption monitoring and display.

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The value proposition

• A connected solution (thermostat, energy meter and circuit breaker).
• Adopts a first level of home automation that is available to all.
• Easy to install (no configuration) and use (self-learning).
• Saves energy (reduced rental charges).

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Ogga

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