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Charge your car everywhere with a unique mobile charging station

The need

There is a lack of available charging points, this fuels EV drivers' "range anxiety," the inability of corporate fleets to efficiently cover home charging. Companies lack solutions to reimburse employees who are using EV cars for home charging.

The solution

eCloud has developed a patented system enabling the authentication of an EV-vehicle and a standard power outlet. It incorporates this system in an adaptor, including metering of electricity consumed and communication with the eCloud software platform. Any EV user can charge a vehicle by plugging the adaptor into a standard power socket equipped with a RFID sticker. Automatic billing reconciliation is done by software. 

The value proposition

• Adaptor with metering.
• Communication through WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, SYSFOX, etc.
• RFID sticker.
• Fee on the consumption of electricity.
• Monthly subscription.

the eCloud Company

the eCloud Company

Commercialised by

THE ECLOUD COMPANY Vlamingveld 3 — B-8490 Jabbeke http://www.ecloudcompany.eu/