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Renewable energies

Deep Green

A tidal and ocean current power plant using the principle of a kite to reach a new level of cost competitiveness. The only proven technology that operates cost-efficiently in slow moving currents.

Relevant markets:
Ocean power
Sustainable developement goals:

A revolutionary concept for producing electricity from the ocean

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The need

The global demand for low-cost renewable energy is increasing. An expanding human population, the need for energy supply security and a way to combat climate change are driving forces behind the development of efficient new technology.

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The solution

Deep Green sites are far more accessible than competing technologies and offer a highly efficient technique of increasing relative water flow speed into the turbine that provides a lower long-term levelised cost of energy (LCOE) at approx. €60/MWh. They offer low-cost offshore operations by using smaller boats and equipment and site characteristics monopoly with technology operating cost-efficiency in slow currents.

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The value proposition

• Global resource.
• Low-cost renewable energy.
• Small in size and weight, weighing 10-25 times less per MW than competing technologies.
• No land is required and there is no visual impact.
• Provides reliable, predictable and sustainable renewable energy (baseload power).
• Unlocks an untapped renewable energy source.

Deep Green – a unique technology to produce renewable energy

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