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A water leakage search the smart data way

The need

More than 5% of drinking water is often lost between the source and the consumer. Utility companies are officially required to reduce this percentage and must find a way to take immediate and efficient action.

The solution

The solution is a physics-based digital twin simulation framework that makes use of the existing sensor infrastructure, offers a leakage localisation heat map with the optimal derived leak position indicated and that signals algorithms for the detection of water leakages.

The value proposition

• Meets official requirements and those of water supplying cities.
• Minimises the time consuming efforts of repair teams
• Saves costs on the full detection and repair process.
• Saves natural resources.
• Significantly reduces the amount of wasted drinking water.

Commercialised by

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH Lichtenbergstrasse 8 — 85748 Garching https://omegalambdatec.com

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