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Cellulose micro-/nanofibers for enhanced product performances and reduced carbon footprint

The need

Plastic or composite manufacturers wish to reduce the weight and carbon footprint of their products, but without sacrificing those products' performance.

The solution

FineCell has developed sustainable cellulose micro-/nanofibers as reinforcements to help plastic/composite manufacturers make lighter and more sustainable products, with reduced use of plastics and without sacrificing their performance.

The value proposition

• Improving sustainability, enabling the reduction of carbon footprint (-30-50%) of the product by improving the sustainable factions (+30-50%) in it.
• Lightweight, reducing the material’s weight (currently -45%, potentially -70%), without compromising its performance.
• Easy to use, unlike other solutions (water dispersions of cellulose micro-/nanofibers), FineCell's cellulose micro-/nanofibers are delivered as dry powders that can be directly used for compounding.
• Good compatibility with different types of plastics, the key to ensuring good performance of the product.

AST18060 3 Illustrative Picture Copy Of Microcellulose Powder
AST18060 1 Illustrative Picture Copy Of Nanocellulose Hydrogel

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