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Cellulose micro-/nanofibers

FineCell develops and produces one of the most attractive and versatile bio-based materials of the future, micro- and nanocellulose. Our patented technology enables us to offer sustainable material solutions with unique performance benefits. Our products also offer new bio-based alternatives to replace the fossil and often harmful chemicals in personal care products and consumer goods.

Sustainable developement goals:

Cellulose micro-/nanofibers for enhanced product performances and reduced carbon footprint

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The need

Bio-based and bio-degradable high-performance materials are required to enable manufacturers to phase out harmful and fossil-based chemicals and reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

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The solution

FineCell has developed sustainable cellulose micro-/nanofibers that can act as reinforcements to help manufacturers make more sustainable products using bio-based raw materials. This solution helps replace fossil and often harmful chemicals with healthy alternatives.

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The value proposition

  • The easily-dispersed product saves significant amounts of energy in transportation and use.
  • Stabilises emulsions and dispersions.
  • Tunes rheological properties of liquid and gel formulations.
  • Enables easy spread and spray of thick formulations.
  • For personal care: improves moisturising effects, carrier for active ingredients, excellent biocompatibility, film forming, great skin feel, neither greasy nor sticky.
  • For paints & coatings: improves mechanical properties (e.g., scratch resistance).
  • Other applications: thin films, gas barriers, 3D bio-printing.

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