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Supercapacitor solution for sustainable mobility

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Sustainable developement goals:

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The need

Trucks are responsible for moving at least 70 percent of goods in Europe. Although the battery has advanced in other applications, heavy vehicles still use the same lead-acid battery technology that causes dead-starts and excessive idling while the vehicle is stationary.

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The solution

GO-START is a supercapacitor module especially made for EU trucks. Easy to install, GO-START is provided along with a deep-cycle battery, both of which are installed in the battery compartment as a plug and play solution. C2C is the first company to directly replace the original lead-acid batteries with a supercapacitor-based solution that does not require modifications to the vehicle.

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The value proposition

  • €1500 fuel savings per year.
  • Drastic reduction of lead – a highly toxic metal.
  • Reduction of need to replace battery.
  • Reduction of costly road problems related to batteries.

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