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Doubling the efficiency of power production from biomass.

The need

The rapid move towards renewable energy has led to heavy investments in intermittent power, primarily wind. In addition, plannable fossil and nuclear are being phased out in many markets. This increases the demand for dispatchable renewable power and capacity. 

The solution

BTC technology offers new cutting-edge technology that can produce twice the power from biomass than traditional technologies. The BTC plant and its core gas turbine technology is capable of 100% H2 operation with ultra-low NOx emissions for zero emissions power. With waste heat available, bio-energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is possible at less than half the cost than steam cycle plants for CO2 negative power.

The value proposition

• Plant cost under 3000 €/kW electricity.
• High efficiency renewable biopower with superior BECCS capability and 100% H2 combustion capacity.
• In targeting residue waste streams from forest and agriculture sectors, the technology is part of the circular energy system.
• Power efficiency of 50-60%.
• Total efficiency of 100-110% (LHV).
• Marginal cost <50€/MWh without subsidies.
• Positive NPV without subsidies.

Commercialised by

Phoenix BioPower Drottning Kristinas väg 18 — 11428 Stockholm www.phoenixbiopower.com