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DomInnov manufactures an innovative modular wood wall system that offers an exceptional structural, airtight and thermal performance.

Sustainable developement goals:

The 3-in-1 building block

High performance thermal insulation. – Airtight. – Bearing wall. – Ease of installation. – Suitable for sites difficult to access. –

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The need

The BlokiWood® modular wall system is specifically designed for the needs of extension and elevation, especially on sites that are difficult to access.

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The solution

Blokiwood® features 30 standard modules making it suitable for each and every construction, even the most complex. Lightweight enough to be carried by hand, it can be used on every construction site. Buildings can be created quickly and provide high performance thermal insulation.

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The value proposition

  • Answer to the construction industry’s professional need for a high-performance, easy-to-use and lightweight solution.
  • Blokiwood® breaks down load-bearing walls into 60-cm modules while virtually eliminating thermal bridges and air leaks.
  • This standard product builds insulation and airtightness directly into a building’s load-bearing walls.

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Product video image

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