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A smart waste management system

Object recognition system based on AI. Autosegregation mechanism. Compression function. Communication and control by IOT platform. Fill level control. Big data processing.

The need

The waste industry faces challenges: low waste separation, a poor recycling infrastructure, the high costs of additional sorting on industrial machines, the high costs of waste management, the absence of a system to track and monitor waste, and an inefficient bin emptying schedule among them.

The solution

Bin-e is an AI-based smart waste management system that features automatic sorting, the compression of plastic and paper, fill level control, an app for remote device control and real-time data, advanced reports for waste management optimisation, and an automatic hygienic opening system ensuring the safety of employees.

The value proposition

• Over 90% accuracy in sorting waste.
• Production of high quality raw material at the source.
• 70% lower waste management costs.
• Frequency of bin emptying reduced by half.
• An innovative solution that raises the standard of a building.
• Compliance with recycling regulations.
• An important part of a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.
• Lower CO2 emissions of waste transport.

Bin-e - Smart Waste Bin

Bin-e - Smart Waste Bin

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