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Bin-e is the best solution for waste management in smart buildings.


A smart waste management system

Object recognition system based on AI. Autosegregation mechanism. Compression function. Communication and control by IOT platform. Fill level control. Big data processing.

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The need

The waste industry faces challenges: low waste separation, a poor recycling infrastructure, the high costs of additional sorting on industrial machines, the high costs of waste management, the absence of a system to track and monitor waste, and an inefficient bin emptying schedule among them.

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The solution

Bin-e is an AI-based smart waste management system that features automatic sorting, the compression of plastic and paper, fill level control, an app for remote device control and real-time data, advanced reports for waste management optimisation, and an automatic hygienic opening system ensuring the safety of employees.

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The value proposition

• Over 90% accuracy in sorting waste.
• Production of high quality raw material at the source.
• 70% lower waste management costs.
• Frequency of bin emptying reduced by half.
• An innovative solution that raises the standard of a building.
• Compliance with recycling regulations.
• An important part of a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.
• Lower CO2 emissions of waste transport.

Bin-e – Smart Waste Bin

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