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Bin-e is the best solution for waste management in smart buildings.

Sustainable developement goals:

The world's most advanced AI-based smart bin that recognises and sorts waste automatically

Object recognition system based on AI. Autosegregation mechanism. Compression function. Communication and control by IOT platform. Fill level control. Big data processing.

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The need

In public areas an efficient waste sorting and management system is difficult to implement. “Traditional” sorting is inefficient and waste management is costly. A lack of digitalisation in this sector exacerbates the problem.

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The solution

Designed for public places, Bin-e uses AI and other innovative technologies to optimise waste management, increasing the efficiency of recycling and encouraging better user behaviour towards waste disposal. It automatically recognises and segregates waste, achieving an accuracy of over 92%. It provides data on waste production, enabling the creation of detailed statistics that are an excellent tool for waste optimisation and CSR reporting, as well as optimising waste management operations.

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The value proposition

  • Ensures that raw materials are sorted correctly, including such waste types as e-waste or lightbulbs.
  • Packaging can go straight to recovery without having to be reprocessed in sorting plants, increasing the efficiency of the recycling chain.
  • Optimises waste management, reducing costs for the infrastructure owner.
  • Customised content can be displayed allowing businesses to make recycling more engaging and promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Bin-e – Smart Waste Bin

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