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Sustainable buildings and cities

BIMSOLAR eServices

BIMSOLAR offers a set of free and premium services to solar architecture, PV integration into building skin and connection to the Building Information Modeling processes for every professional.

Sustainable developement goals:

Digital and expert services for solar simulation and energy modelling

3D virtual workspaces. – Connection to BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes. – Real-time simulation. – SaaS, Webplatform. – Expandable functionalities and models. – Business networking facilities. –

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The need

Digital innovation is required to boost the emerging building-integrated photovoltaic industry (BIPV). There is a need to connect the supply chain with designers and builders which provides a challenge.

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The solution

A software as a service platform providing support to every stakeholder involved in a solar building design. Standard services (free) include a BIPV feasibility study in a 3D virtual workspace. Premium services (paid) embed expert features for BIPV calculation, virtual design facilities, products and projects showcasing. It offers 3D virtual workspaces, business networking facilities and connection to BIM (building information modelling) processes and real time simulation.

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The value proposition

• Much more accessible than traditional software.
• Showcases customer’s innovations (projects, products), helps referencing.
• Instant results, intuitive, self learning.
• Cuts costs, saves efforts, accelerates design and decision processes.
• Customisable, online personal workspace, versatile services delivery.
• Freemium business strategy; flexible pricing.
• Expandable functionalities and models.

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