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Supporting both architectural design and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) product innovation

Virtual libraries of BIPV objects (3D). - Connection to BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes. - Contextual prescription (adequacy with the project issues). - Technical and marketing features. - Expandable functionalities. - Direct connection to supplier. -

The need

Digital innovation is required to boost the emerging building-integrated photovoltaics industry (BIPV). There is a need to connect the supply chain with designers and builders.

The solution

A software as a service platform that provides support to every stakeholder involved in a solar building design. eCatalogs feed in solar PV simulation with specific BIPV parameters, enriching virtual design facilities and improving thermal and visual performance. Showcasing BIPV products inside virtual workspaces supports supply chain actors and designers, helping them start a direct relationship with commercial commitment. 

The value proposition

• Brand/Status: BIPV products showcasing + referencing.
• Cost reduction: less marketing efforts, boosting the commercial process.
• Contextual prescription (adequacy with the project issues).
• Direct connection to supplier.
• Expandable functionalities and technical and marketing features.
• Virtual libraries of BIPV objects (3D).

Commercialised by

ENERBIM impasse des acacias 2 — 31840 SEILH, France www.enerbim.com