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Relevant markets:

Offshore wind

Innovating the design of mooring systems

The need

Mooring systems become troublesome and expensive because of the induced loads by the sea and wind turbine positioned on the platform. The dynamic response of the mooring system has an impact on the total levelised cost of electricity (LCOE).

The solution

A technology for innovation (TFI) solution that introduces springs in the mooring line that provide a different dynamic response on the platform. This eliminates shock loading, reduces peak loading (30% to 70%) and improves fatigue (50% - 90% lower) of the mooring system.

The value proposition

Risk Reduction
• Risk of failures reduced.
• Assets protected from rough sea states.
• Associated savings from repairs, insurance premiums etc.
Significant capital expenditures (capex) saving. 
• Smaller chains, anchors, & mooring connections.
• Less structural steel across entire platforms.
• Smaller components can be used meaning cheaper deployment.
Significant operating expense (opex) saving.
• Lower maintenance requirements, labour, vessel, components etc.
• Longer life expectancy of infrastructure.

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