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Smart electric grid

Bamboo Energy

A platform for retailers and aggregators to efficiently manage distributed flexibility resources.


Optimal flexibility management:  Day ahead trading & real time operation

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The need

While energy markets are being opened up to demand, energy consumers are not able to profit from this. Access to cleaner and cheaper energy should be democratised by providing ways to monetise the flexibility of energy assets and integrate renewable energy sources.

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The solution

A platform for retailers that manages the flexible energy markets on both the supply and demand side. The software platform of choice for demand aggregation, it offers both modular architecture and a versatile platform and is able to adapt to customer requirements and regulations. The technology has an artificial intelligence core that enables tailored solutions while reducing operating costs.

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The value proposition

  • Modular architecture.
  • Versatile platform.
  • AI core allows for tailored solutions and reduced operating costs.
  • Can manage all types of demand flexibility.

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Bamboo Energy
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