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Graphene-based nanocomposites for enhanced energy efficiency and product performance.

The need

More than 50% of all electronic failures are due to poor thermal management. Furthermore, around 33% of energy losses in cars are due to friction. Materials that combine high electrical/thermal conductivity with self-cooling and low friction are needed.

The solution

GraphMaTech has developed graphene-based nanocomposites for many different applications, including thermal management, moving electrical contacts and tribology, energy storage and self-lubricating systems. The nanocomposites design make graphene technology easy to use in industrial applications.

The value proposition

• World record thermal conductivity.
• Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manufacturing.
• Easy to use for the industry, even 3D-printable.
• Low friction, electrical conductivity, hardness, corrosion barrier properties.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions

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