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Highly efficient cold power generation

The need

Cold power generation needs to minimise energy consumption and its corresponding CO2 footprint. One vital focus of improvement is to significantly increase the efficiency of thermal convertors.

The solution

AIRCO X, developed and produced by ALPINOVX, is a brand new "green" cold generator. There are no use of chemicals or greenhouse gases and it is highly efficient. The promise of such equipment is to allow the global cold power industry,
data centres, district cooling operators and the food industry for example, to run their activities with very reasonable costs (capital expenses (capex) and operating expenses (opex).

The value proposition

• Decreased CO2 footprint linked to cold chain industry operations.
• Data centres, district cooling operators turnover consolidated.

Commercialised by

ALPINOV X rue de la Cuche 176 — 38113 Veurey-Voroize, France http://www.alpinovx.com