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Each vehicle type requires a minimum of engineering work depending on the needed performance and work environment. WATTALPS solution requires only a few weeks of engineering for implementation. The R&D phase is thus considerably reduced.

WATTALPS batteries being modular, integrators can capitalize on their developments on their whole product range and therefore significantly improve their return on investment.

The need

There is a requirement to replace diesel engines with a battery in the construction, material handling and agricultural equipment markets.

The solution

An innovative and patented thermal management system using immersion cooling to guarantee maximum productivity whatever the climate conditions. 

A modular battery system designed for small and medium series vehicles and machines that is cost effective, flexible and fast to implement, requiring just a few weeks of engineering work. Batteries are connected, high energy and have liquid cooling and heating.

The value proposition

  • Full power in all conditions.
  • Full range covered by the same technology.
  • Full service with a set of tools to optimise life and productivity.
  • Last a full day without charging.

Commercialised by

Wattalps Avenue Aldo Eriani 410, — 38430 Moirans, France https://www.wattalps.com/