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Energy storage

Advanced Lithium Power Systems

A modular battery system designed for small and medium series : more cost effective, more flexible and faster to implement.

Sustainable developement goals:

Each vehicle type requires a minimum of engineering work depending on the needed performance and work environment. WATTALPS solution requires only a few weeks of engineering for implementation. The R&D phase is thus considerably reduced.

WATTALPS batteries being modular, integrators can capitalize on their developments on their whole product range and therefore significantly improve their return on investment.

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The need

There is a requirement to replace diesel engines with a battery in the construction, material handling and agricultural equipment markets.

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The solution

A modular battery system designed for small and medium series vehicles and machines that is cost effective, flexible and fast to implement, requiring just a few weeks of engineering work. Batteries are connected, high energy and have liquid cooling and heating.

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The value proposition

  • Full power in all conditions.
  • Full range covered by the same technology.
  • Full service with a set of tools to optimise life and productivity.
  • Last a full day without charging.

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Product video image

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