FlexiDAO S.E.S. (Smart Energy Services)


Distributed aggregation platform to unlock the potential of small-scale demand side response.

A platform that controls and optimizes EV charging and other flexible loads, providing extra income for the owners while helping energy companies to stabilize the grid and consume more green energy.

The Need

As  renewables expand, grid operators need more flexible loads. But, the high costs of distributed demand side response hamper the integration of small distributed loads into balancing markets (high system and transaction costs).

The Solution

Smart EV chargers connected to a distributed (hosted on blockchain) cloud-based aggregation service that can coordinate the charging of the cars to help balancing the grid, while generating extra income for the driver. Using blockchain, we can efficiently and cheaply aggregate separate loads (EVs) turning them into one single flexible load that can be offered as a service to distribution grid operators or traded on the flexibility markets.

The Value Proposition

Effortless EV charging management

Smart load balancing in multi-dwelling buildings

Lower chargers’ and batteries’ ownership costs

Access to untapped flexibility resources

Increased consumption of green energy

The Team

Simone Accornero

Grzegorz Bytniewski




Edifici Nexus II c/ Carrer de Jordi Girona 29