We offer our industrial partners, both SME and large corporations, several ways to get involved in our business lines.

Find new technology providers

The start-ups supported by InnoEnergy can offer you new business opportunities. Here you will find new or complementing technologies that you can use as early adopters.

PhD School

Having a PhD candidate supported by us in your company will make it easier to connect your research and development related units to each other. It will also be easier to connect your R&D to other companies, universities or research institutes. This will give your company a competitive advantage in bringing new products and services to market.

iSE - The Institute of Sustainable of Sustainable Energy

Through our professional courses, The Institute of Sustainable Energy will help provide resources for companies that want to support continual learning for their workforce. By signing up to our online portal today you can take professional online courses from inspiring professors and industry experts, which will help to advance your knowledge in the fields of sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship.