Venture Capital Community

InnoEnergy gives its entrepreneurs access to a community  of top 11 European venture capital companies:

These companies that have signed up at the end of 2013, include Emerald Technology Ventures, Icos Capital Management, ABB VC, Demeter Partners,  MVP, Inversiones Financieras Perseo, Espirito Santo Ventures, Summa Capital, Total Ventures, Electranova and Aster Capital.

As a result of the agreement, the venture capital companies have privileged access to invest in any of the startups nurtured in our European Accelerator.  Meanwhile, entrepreneurs enjoy one-to-one access with key venture capital executives. They have also the opportunity to meet them regularly at industry events, such as  The Business Booster, InnoEnergy annual event, which puts together high growth ventures with  industry so that they start collaborating.

The community represents a new and disruptive way of understanding how venture capital companies can add value to our startups.  Through the community the start ups get a priviledged position to present their case to VCs and get their feedback to improve it. It represents for the start-up an opportunity to prepare future raise funding, and increase the success of it by making their start-up more “investable”.  In addition the large network of this funds can lead to new business opportunities with the industry.