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News, insights and events for the workforce
News, insights and events for the workforce

The launch of the InnoEnergy Skills Institute

Empowering the future workforce

The transition to decarbonizing the European economy and creating a sustainable future demands a new approach to upskilling and reskilling the workforce. This is where the InnoEnergy Skills Institute comes in. Launched on April 1st 2023 by EIT InnoEnergy, the institute is a response to the skills shortage in Europe and worldwide, with a focus on equipping the workforce with the knowledge and expertise needed to decarbonize the economy.

Upskilling workforce for soaring battery demand

The challenge of achieving a successful transition is monumental. The volume of work is vast, with many different skills needed across the multiple value chains. Only for batteries the demand is expected to increase up to 300GWh by 2025, from around 70 GWh in 2022. Europe is lacking highly qualified people among all educational segments and along the Battery Value Chain, making it essential to upskill and reskill the workforce to meet the demand. The gigafactories, which are job hot spots in battery production, are expected to create 90-180 direct jobs/GWh, with 300-1400 indirect jobs/GWh and 5-10 times more downstream, including OEM. There are also over 700 new job families expected to emerge in the battery value chain.

Rapid growth of solar PV industry

The workforce need in solar PV is expected to increase significantly by 2030 due to the rapid growth of the industry. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the number of jobs in the solar PV industry is expected to reach 18 million by 2030, which is more than four times the number of jobs in the industry in 2015. The solar PV industry is expected to continue to grow as more countries set ambitious renewable energy targets, and the cost of solar PV technology continues to fall. The growth of the industry will create a significant demand for skilled workers in all areas of the value chain, from manufacturing and installation to operation and maintenance.

On a mission for a sustainable future

InnoEnergy Skills Institute aims to equip the global workforce with the knowledge and expertise needed to meet this demand. The institute is inspired and informed by EIT InnoEnergy’s leadership of key industrial alliances spanning energy storage, green hydrogen, and photovoltaics. Companies of all sizes, universities, and training providers worldwide can benefit from their courses, backed by a range of sector experts, alliances, and partnerships.

The institute’s agile, modular approach to training will deliver the latest trends and learnings in energy storage, photovoltaics, green hydrogen, and many other forms of clean technology. For those who prefer a customized approach, the institute will work with them to develop programs that meet specific needs, regardless of location, size, or technology.

Global workforce transformation is ongoing, and the InnoEnergy Skills Institute is here to equip the workforce with the expertise needed to fulfill the demand for a sustainable future. Sign up here to stay informed on the InnoEnergy Skills Institute and take the first step towards creating a sustainable future.