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Views from the inside: What it’s like to intern at EIT InnoEnergy shareholder company ENGIE!

With access to Europe’s leading energy companies, EIT InnoEnergy Master School students have their pick of many exciting thesis projects. Two students give an insider’s view into working with industry giant and EIT InnoEnergy shareholder company ENGIE – an innovative French company accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. Let’s hear how MSc in Renewable Energy students Siddharth Pandit and Jithin Jomy’s thesis at ENGIE, in collaboration with KTH Climate Action Centre, is going!

A wide-reaching topic

Studying at two of Europe’s top universities for engineering and technology, École Polytechnique and  KTH Royal Institute of Technology, put the students where they needed to be – where innovation and creating a low-carbon economy are front and centre. Their thesis topic is developing a methodology/framework for assessing the potential synergies and trade-offs concerning Sustainable Development Goals – and ways to capitalise/mitigate them – for all energy infrastructure projects, from wind energy farms to district heating. Jithin shares, “KTH has been developing this sustainability framework for 2-3 years. ENGIE found this tool useful for their internal assessment of energy projects – so they contacted KTH for a potential partnership. When we saw this opportunity, we wanted to contribute and work closely with ENGIE and KTH Climate Action Centre on this very relevant and exciting topic!”

Working with ENGIE

Siddharth gives a peek inside the company: “It has been an impressive journey so far. ENGIE has been incredibly patient and open to new ideas from us, which has made the collaboration much more productive. Currently, we are combining the internal sustainability assessment tool used by ENGIE with the framework developed by our KTH supervisors to identify a common area for the practical application of this cutting-edge research. We are excited to see its potential impact in the sustainability assessment of all types of energy infrastructure projects.” Jithin adds, “ENGIE is one of the biggest energy companies in Europe and certainly an exciting place to work. We had the opportunity to visit ENGIE Lab Crigen in Paris, and we were very thrilled to see the vast research and development being done on green hydrogen, sustainability, smart grids and microgrids, nanotechnology, and much more. Seeing the amazing infrastructure and resources has reinstated our belief that we can fight climate change!”

Connecting to industry

When asked how they’ve gained access to ENGIE and many other exciting companies during their time in the EIT InnoEnergy Master School programme, Jithin shares, “There are many opportunities for connection. For example, during our first year at Ecole Polytechnique, we had a chance to interact with ENGIE at a career fair held on campus. We were impressed with their work in sustainable energy and commitment to a better future for our planet. Following the event, they reached out to us with an exciting opportunity for an internship in energy data modelling.” Siddharth adds, “The vast network of portfolio companies provided by EIT InnoEnergy is beneficial for building a strong professional network and connections. In addition, the multiple career fairs and master school events conducted throughout the year have been of immense value. Also, the networking with hundreds of companies during ENLIT, given by EIT InnoEnergy, has been critical for building a strong connection to the industry.”

What the future holds

Jithin shares how this thesis is heading them in the direction they want to go: “We believe that working on this topic will give both of us a much-needed understanding of the field of sustainability assessments, circularity, and impact consulting – along with the various aspects to focus on integrating sustainability and circularity in every domain. Every organisation is trying to make their businesses more sustainable, and that’s where the work we are doing at ENGIE could play a critical role. Personally, I am keen to explore the fields of energy markets, energy data modelling, and optimisation. The insights gained from the EIT InnoEnergy master’s programme have sparked a fascination to work in interdisciplinary areas, where diverse fields can converge to create innovative solutions.” And Siddharth? He explains, “I would love to gain some valuable experience related to management, finance, and operations in an organisation and then eventually build my own start-up in the energy domain. And I am certain that the learnings throughout the EIT InnoEnergy programme will aid me in doing just that!”


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