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05 December 2016

Pollutec 2016: a busy and successful week

On 29 November – 2 December, the team of InnoEnergy France and 16 of our supported start-ups welcomed visitors and future clients on our booth at Pollutec in Lyon.


Pollutec brings together professionals from around the world to discuss about innovative solutions that allows the reduction of the impact of human activities on the environment, whether it be in industry, local authorities or in the service sector.


Monday 28th November

Head to Eurexpo Lyon for the 27th edition of the eco-innovation fair, Pollutec! Upon arrival at the fair, we discovered a joyful cacophony. The 2, exhibitors coming from all over the world were managing the last assembly details: degree of light, arrangement of the armchairs, position of the displays, acoustic tests… We retrieved the last exhibitor documents, recovered our zapper to scan the visitors contact details, set up our mock-ups and prepare our trademark: the table football! Our 74 sqm-stand in the “Ville Durable” area (sustainable city) proudly displayed our freshly new corporate colours and has been completed with 8 co-exhibitor blocks to host our innovation projects and start-ups. We were excited to welcome our first visitors the day after and to present our innovation for the environment sector.


Tuesday 29th November

Our support offer for innovation project and start-ups is very attractive. Just during the day, 30 project leaders came to our booth to ask questions. Sometimes around a table football game. The innovation project ENERBIM joined us to present its software platform for predicting, visualising and sharing BIPV benefits. Seven start-ups were also exhibiting on our booth: Atawey with its hydrogen bicycle and its recharging stations, DCBrain with its Big Data solution for industry, OGGA with its EcoTouch – a solution for housing energy optimisation, HySiLabs with its on-demand hydrogen production solution, e-simswith its software services for renewable energy storage, Energiency with its Big Data analytics software for industry and Solable with its new product LaDouche – a tankless water heater based on wastewater energy.


Déborah Thébault, Project Manager at Stimergy, came specifically to collect her Circular Economy Award. A proof that the innovative actions of Stimergy to recycle all the energy consumed by the datacentres are an example for the circular economy. On this occasion, Déborah has been interviewed on Pollutec TV in the presence of Fabrice Bonnifet, Chairman of the jury, François-Michel Lambert and Laurence Ville-Gentile, who are Chairman and Managing Director respectively of the Circular Economy Institute.


Have a look at the Pollutec report (from 8’05):


Wednesday 30th November

The start-ups rotated and we welcomed two others young companies: Dom’Innnov with its “three-in-one” building block and Deltalys with its eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment. In the Pollutec conference room, our Innovation Director, Laurent Thibaudeau, explained “How InnoEnergy can help you realise your innovation potential in sustainable energy” while the camera crew from the television channel TF1 conducted an interview of the start-ups Solable and Lancey Energy Storage.




Besides the Lancey Energy Storage innovation has been shortlisted by a jury of industry leaders and market stakeholders. Nicolas Hulot, founder of the foundation for Nature and for Man, was the VIP guest of this conference. Then Lancey has been declared winner of the Pollutec Innovation Prize among two other companies during a special broadcast on Pollutec TV. Connected to the smart counter Linky, the Lancey heater stores electricity in batteries, reduces the electricity bill and is adapted to autonomous housings that are intermittently supplied with electricity by PV panels or wind turbines.


Thursday 1st December

This time we hosted gulplug with its electrical magnetic solutions and energy consumption analyse software, SteadySun with its management solution for power grids and photovoltaic power plants, EcoTropy with its innovative energy consumption analyse, and EPC Solaire with its heat recovery supports for PV panels. 

Our Business Creation project manager, Raluca Vataseanu, animated a conference about the support of collaborative projects and start-ups in the sustainable energy field. Did you ever try to describe the concept of a collaborative project thanks to a metaphor with a simple pen? Thanks to her acting classes, Raluca took the challenge!   

  Another business woman revealed her talents as an orator: Amandine Bray, Engineer at gulplug, was invited by Hélène Bouillon-Duparc (from the blog Capteur d’Avenir) for the Pollutec TV show about Innovation for energy, climate and air quality. She described clearly the IoT offer of gulplug: an easy, simple and safe package to measure the energy consumption of isolated industrial sites.      


Have a look at the interview of Amandine Bray (from 18’18): 

Friday 2nd December

Last day. Two additional start-ups took benefit from our booth to present their innovation: Coturnix with its energy consumption optimisation model, EcoTech Ceram with its thermal energy storage solutions. All in all, we collected 120 qualified leads over the 4 days.  

Pollutec pictures on Flickr (©utopikphoto)



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