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21 May 2015

PhD Candidates sharpened their expertise in Energy Economics

Mid-April, 16 of our PhD students attended a one-week training on Energy Economics at Grenoble Ecole de Management in Grenoble, France.


Coming from 9 different universities across Europe, the PhD students enjoyed an interactive programme presenting the deep transformation that the energy sector is going through, explaining its roots and discussing the challenges that are resulting from it.


The programme provided an analysis of today’s energy economics using examples, cases and key academic reading materials and group discussion. Central notions discussed during the lectures were illustrated with the visit of the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône and testimonials from high level speakers. This training also encouraged participants to apply the concepts and business practices studied in the light of their own experiences. Finally, it gave participants the opportunity to meet and interact with professionals from the energy sector.


The participants appreciated ….


The Speakers’ expertise

“Having experts coming from different institutions, with different perspectives on the subject high level speakers, we could have valuable insights.”


BD_KicInnoEnergy_124 - Copy


The interactive pedagogy of the course

“The active learning” and “the diversity of teaching methods” such as presentations by students, simulation games or debates group presentations.
“This gives a better understanding of the subjects and it takes you out from your comfort zone, which is very valuable.”





A concrete example with a company visit

“The visit to the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône allowed us to see how a part of the work in the domain of energy is done.”
“They gave PhD Candidates detailed information on their hedging and profit operations.”


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