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Partners Day 2015 in Grenoble: one very special gathering

On September 23rd, the French office welcomed for the 2nd consecutive year its partners and ecosystem for a Partners Day: an event dedicated to reinforcing the relationships within the community and its many members, and to co-create the KIC InnoEnergy community together.
The Partners Day followed the inauguration of the new premises and start-up incubator, and therefore benefited from all the networking and engagement of the previous day. CEO Richard Biagioni kicked-off the day by sharing the vision and mission of KIC InnoEnergy since 2010. A powerful way to remind the participants that they are all actors and members of one big European energy ecosystem. Even if the company is young, all members are co-creators of its community.

We were pleased to host Laurent Combalbert as a keynote speaker. A standby officer of the French National Police and with a diploma from the National Academy of the FBI, Laurent has worked for many years as Officer-Negotiator with RAID, the elite intervention corps of the French police force. Today, Laurent Combalbert manages the Agence des Negociateurs. He works as a consultant for many Kidnap & Ransom insurance companies and intervenes in numerous situations involving kidnappings, extortions, frauds and other critical situations throughout the world.

By sharing his stories on complex negotiations and his expertise on leadership, performance, collective intelligence and agility, Laurent really nurtured and impressed the audience.


Discussions and networking between the participants of the Partners Day continued around a laid-back lunch, provided by a food-truck, Le Bistro qui roule!

The afternoon activity was designed to involve all participants: we invited them to share their vision and idea of KIC InnoEnergy tomorrow, expressing their ideal KIC InnoEnergy: what would it look like? What would it consist of?


To modelize our ideas, certified trainers of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®method introduced us to this participative activity, which was as innovative as it sounds! Individually and then collectively, the groups co-designed their vision the community and the company, and then  shared it to the assembly. You can see the model that got the most votes in our showroom!
We look forward to designing another Partners Day in 2016, following the feedbacks and needs of the participants.