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28 June 2016

MSc EMINE Summer School 2016: a twist to traditional nuclear education

The two-year MSc EMINE programme (European Master in Nuclear Energy) teaches students about energy management issues and provides in-depth knowledge of the nuclear industry. At the end of the first year at either UPC in Spain or KTH in Sweden, students gather for a summer school at Grenoble Ecole de Management, France. There, they discuss and dissect innovation issues in energy markets in general, and nuclear in particular. What was this year’s edition like?
During three weeks (June 27th-July 19th), the Summer School offered out of the box activities to twenty-five international students. One of the unique aspects of MSc EMINE is the twist brought to the programme through the emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of soft skills – from intercultural management to learning how to pitch ideas. Quite differentiating for nuclear engineering students!
This year again, our industrial partners and network got really involved and made the programme a unique one. Here is an excerpt of what they did:


cea showroom visit grenoble

Visit of the CEA showroom


The CEA is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, and one of the 27 shareholders of KIC InnoEnergy. The research centre opened the doors of its  400 m² showroom for our students to enjoy a first-hand view of the exciting systems and technologies being developed in the labs. The prototypes on display in the showroom illustrate the state-of-the-art in energy harvesting, sensors, sensor networks, smart materials, and contactless antennae and transmission.


Project Manager Consultant Arnaud Morey spent two days with the students to discuss “Regulation in the nuclear sector”, with the illustration of Rolls Royce. Lectures from industry experts are one of the most direct ways for students to find out about innovation issues in energy markets. MSc EMINE student Atul Ranjan comments: “[…] I am glad this summer school was a part of the curriculum, it really makes the difference. Understanding economics and politics are particularly crucial in the nuclear industry and now I clearly consider it to be a mandatory part of EMINE curriculum.”


Field visits to nuclear facilities are surely the most hands-on way for our students to learn all about the engineering complexities of nuclear power. The second week offered the visit of the simulators of French SME CORYS, a world reference in training and engineering simulators, including ones for nuclear plants.


Prof. Erno Tornikoski is a senior Professor in Entrepreneurship in Grenoble Ecole de Management. Among his many research topics, “The Development of Entrepreneurial Potential among Higher Education Students” is the one that certainly applied best for the two days he spent with our EMINE students! He taught them how to identify entrepreneurial opportunities through a serious game.


MSc EMINE student Paolo Cattaneo shares his experience: “[…] I feel that these courses have given me a big value, not only from the career perspective. The last week of the summer course was dealing with Entrepreneurship, it was extremely interesting to apply all the lessons learnt in the previous weeks and to express yourself through creative tasks.”

Want to see more of the MSc EMINE Summer School? Check thevideoprogramme’s page and our Flickr account!

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