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11 August 2015

MSc EMINE as experienced by three graduate students: watch their testimonials!

The two-year MSc EMINE programme teaches students about energy management issues and provides in-depth knowledge of the nuclear industry. It includes mandatory international mobility among recognised European universities, engineering institutes and business schools. How is MSc EMINE different from other master’s degrees in Nuclear Energy? Find out in the testimonials and the video below!



Discover MSc EMINE through the experience of our graduate students

A MSc EMINE student receives the high-level technical education required to master the engineering complexities of nuclear power generation, as well as business training related to innovation issues and energy management.

According to Roberta Cirillo, MSc EMINE is different from the other MSc in Nuclear Engineering because it is entirely taught in English, it allows us to study in two different European countries, and it offers business and management courses through its summer school.

The programme thus helps integrate the technical aspects of the nuclear industry with key political, economic and social issues.


You use what you have learned from the technical side within your master’s degree and combine it with what you have experienced in innovation, business and entrepreneurship towards a project that could potentially become a real opportunity in the future, says Alex Marchenko.

Through MSc EMINE’s programme, students benefit from the involvement of our industrial partners in the form of lecturers from industry, in-house trainings at key research centres, and activities such as the “PIMS” projects, where students work on the business plans of KIC InnoEnergy start-ups.


During the 3-week summer school at Grenoble Ecole de Management, students learn about innovation issues in the energy markets. Ali Swaidan particularily appreciated the intensive short sessions, as the summer school taught us a lot about energy management and how to run projects related to energy product chain.


Graduating from MSc EMINE opens a path towards a wide range of positions in the industry, from design and construction, to operation and maintenance, decommissioning and waste management.


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