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14 October 2019

Have you converted your power today?

You might not have noticed but, in recent years, the way we consume power has significantly changed. For instance, incandescent lighting—which had been around for over a century—was completely phased out in favour of energy saving LED lighting in a mere couple of years. In fact, in some countries, it’s not even possible to buy incandescent light bulbs anymore. This is probably the most obvious change. 


A less obvious, but ever so present evolution in the paradigm of power can be seen in our switch from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) power for all of our devices. While the power grid continues to deliver AC power, most consumer electronics today require DC power. Our offices, for instance, are characterised by a broad range of DC powered devices such as monitors and laptops. This is where power converters play a vital role!

What is a power converter?

Types of power converters

Batteries and power conversion


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