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European Energy Data Access Pilots 2020

Calling EIT InnoEnergy supported assets that need electricity metering data of different countries and solve a clear limitation or shortcoming in the energy market.


Energy data is becoming an increasingly important base for a well-functioning deregulated and unbundled electricity market.


So far the European member states have implemented different schemes to make data available nationwide in order to improve the competition, for example:


  • providing affordable energy
  • boosting innovative new market players that are unlocking energy saving opportunities
  • integrating new resources into the market


So far, these initiatives mainly take place on a national basis.

Energy Data Access Alliance

In order to expand on knowledge and experience from other countries, for example Estonia, the initiative Energy Data Access Alliance has been initiated by a number of European TSOs and DSOs.


The initiative will expand the electricity market across European boarders, taking a step towards a Europe wide retail and Energy Service market.


The initiative was launched as a European wide pilot, and is open for to actors in the electricity market.

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The competition is open until 26 April. If you think you have what it takes, find out how to apply here.