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EnergyTag allows energy users to verify the source of their energy every hour

EnergyTag, an initiative led by some of the world’s largest players in renewable energy, will help bring greater transparency for energy consumers and accelerate the shift to clean energy.



What is EnergyTag?

An independent, non-profit initiative, launched today, will enable energy consumers to track the source of their energy and understand their carbon emissions in a totally new way. EnergyTag, which brings together over 60 of some of the biggest names in tech and energy, is developing an industry standard to deliver hourly certificates that show consumers exactly where their energy is coming from, and understand their carbon emissions in real time.

Who’s part of it?

EnergyTag brings together leading players including Accenture, Microsoft, Google, Association of Issuing Bodies, CertiQ, EIT InnoEnergy, ECOHZ, Elering, Eneco, Energinet, Energy Web Foundation, ENGIE, Eurelectric, FlexiDAO, I-REC Standard, M-RETS, OVO Energy, Ørsted, PwC, RECS International, WattTime, WindEurope and many others.

The goal

EnergyTag’s Council and Advisory Board are working together to define a set of guidelines that will form the basis of a market for energy certificates with a timestamp of 1 hour or less.  In parallel, the initiative will stimulate the first voluntary markets for the certificates by coordinating a series of demonstrator projects around the world showcasing real-time energy tracking technologies.

Google is one example of a corporate clean energy buyer that has set itself an ambitious goal for 24/7 energy tracking.