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EIT InnoEnergy participates in discussion about opportunities and challenges of offshore wind in Spain

On April 14, Javier Sanz, EIT InnoEnergy Renewable Energy Thematic Leader, moderated a debate about the vision of the offshore industry and its value chain in the seminar “The Value Chain of The Offshore Wind Industry in Spain – Opportunities And Challenges” organised by AEE and the Club Español de Energía. During this event, three round tables discussed the development of offshore wind energy in Spain with promoters, manufacturers and Autonomous Communities

The opportunities

During the event, the speakers highlighted the opportunity that offshore wind energy represents for the Spanish economy, bearing in mind the technology that the market already has developed. The European support and the available funds for recovery from the pandemic were also referred to as an opportunity to put in motion the plan towards the energy transition.

The need

On the other hand, the speakers stressed the need to develop regulation and juridical security to develop the offshore wind industry in Spain, in order to replicate offshore the success that has been accomplished over the last twenty years onshore.


EIT InnoEnergy has developed a study about the Offshore industry in Iberia. Read it, here: