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EIT InnoEnergy France and the CRITT M2A signed a partnership in the framework of the EBA Academy

EIT InnoEnergy France and the CRITT M2A signed a partnership agreement in the framework of the EBA Academy, a training programme created by EIT InnoEnergy to address skill gaps in the battery field.



Batteries are a key part of the energy transition. A rapid rise in battery innovation is creating a strong growth in the demand for skilled profiles in this sector.


At the forefront of the latest innovations, and in accordance with its technological roadmap, the CRITT M2A is accelerating its transformation and developing new skills in the electrification of mobility. The CRITT M2A has become a major player in battery testing and associated services and is consolidating its development with new projects and investments in recycling and training.


By joining the EBA Academy, the CRITT M2A will be able to expand its existing training offer for operators (maintenance, metrology) and complete it with new e-learning modules for high-qualified people.


The positioning of CRITT M2A in the Haut-de-France region – land of the automotive industry; the proximity of the ACC and Envision gigafactories – will notably allow to activate training levers to support the development of skills required in large numbers for the gigafactory activities.


Joining the EBA Academy for CRITT M2A represents an additional lever for growth and support for companies involved in this industrial revolution. The expertise thus accumulated over the last 20 years can be disseminated in a wider and more targeted way to all the actors having these precise needs.


Grégory Viallard, Business Developer at CRITT M2A, said: « We warmly thank EIT InnoEnergy for allowing us to expand our training activity through their e-Learning platform, and have high hopes for the projects we can conduct together. »


Headquarters of CRITT M2A, in Bruay-la-Buissière (62).