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Event location: InnoEnergy Barcelona Office

Event date: 12 November 2019

Innovation Day at InnoEnergy Iberia

When?  12 October 2019  @ 12:30 CET

Where?   InnoEnergy Barcelona Office


InnoEnergy Iberia will open its doors on the next Innovation Day in Barcelona.

If you are an engineering student or recent graduate in Spain, curious about the sustainable energy and innovation worlds, join us on November 12 for a one-on-one lunch and workshop at the InnoEnergy office in Barcelona, on our first Innovation Day.  

You will have the chance to discover more about InnoEnergy Master's School and a face-to-face meeting with our Iberia Business Development Officer, who will walk you through the energy innovation journey. Take the chance to understand the importance of the current energy ecosystem!

During this event, you not only will learn about InnoEnergy's ecosystem but also different projects that support an innovative career path. You will understand how innovation works from a sales perspective, discover how start-ups develop their companies in the energy sector and also which are the skills needed to enhance this kind of career path. The participants 
will also get the chance to have an in-depth view of the educational offer of InnoEnergy Master's School.



Register below to attend the event!

(Limited seats)



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