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22 October 2021

InnoBlog: Why energy storage is vital for a renewable future

As we progress to a sustainable future, we have seen the establishment of renewable energy technologies with great success rates. However, can the current energy demand be satiated with the current scale of renewable energy deployment? The answer to that is, unfortunately, not yet! The good news is that researchers and tech giants have recognised the various aspects that need to be developed with the renewable energy technologies realm and have taken steps to match the supply with the demand.

One such answer to our renewable technology implementation plan is the development of energy storage and its associated technologies. In fact, EIT InnoEnergy invests heavily in this field leading initiatives like the European Battery Alliance and supporting innovations and start-ups related to batteries, thermal energy storage, ultracapacitors, hydrogen solutions and more. Exciting, right? That is why I decided to specialize in this field as I believe energy storage will speed up the uptake of renewable energy technologies.

Why study energy storage?

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Energy storage technologies

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