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13 December 2019

InnoBlog: Networking, it’s all about the idea

It’s December, Masters students (including me) are glued to our laptops looking for thesis and internship opportunities. Off all opportunities out there, very few cater to our interests and circumstances. But there is an important step before the applications begin, and that’s networking. As mentioned on the Effective Networking website, “Networking is building relationships before [you] need them”.


Having heard and spoken to several agents from the InnoEnergy Career Centre, I gathered several strategies to network. The most important lesson I have learnt by reading and experiencing, is to reveal enough information to keep the listener hooked, but holding back the details to make them come back for more. In this Blog, I have written about a few ideas that have worked for me in my experience.

Know your audience

Do the groundwork

During the event


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