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11 January 2021

InnoBlog: MSc. Renewable Energy or MSc. Sustainable Energy Systems?

When I was considering applying for the EIT InnoEnergy Master School, I was debating between the MSc. Renewable Energy (RENE) and the MSc. Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT) programmes. Now, as a student ambassador, I regularly receive emails requesting more information on this topic. In this InnoBlog, I will highlight some of the key features in both Master’s programmes, and the kind of full-time positions one can apply for after graduating.


While all the EIT InnoEnergy programmes are developed with the core idea of improving innovation in the clean energy sector, some value-added courses can differ based on the programme. Furthermore, all the Master’s programmes have different university affiliations. If you have an ideal university you have been wanting to attend, make sure to keep track of the Year 1 and Year 2 universities on the EIT InnoEnergy website, pertaining to your preferred programme!

MSc. Renewable Energy

MSc. Sustainable Energy Systems

Innovation & Entrepreneurship journey

Job opportunities

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