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InnoBlog: Launching a start-up while studying at EIT InnoEnergy Master School

Many students that join an EIT InnoEnergy Master School are interested in the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship that its programmes are known for. During their studies, students are encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial skills both through competitions, courses and various support offered throughout their education journey.

Several alumni have already launched theirown start-ups, and more students are adding to the list of diverse entrepreneurial ventures. All contributing to the energy transition with different approaches! One of those students, Sergi Nogueira, a second-year Master’s in Renewable Energy student. Sergi is from Spain and studied his first year at UPC Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya in Barcelona and second year at École Polytechnique in Paris.

This week, I had the pleasure to interview Sergi about his venture Megawatt, which launched in Spain this month.

From idea to innovation: launching Megawatt

Already during his bachelor’s, Sergi was trying to come up with an idea for a start-up together with his classmate, Alberto Rubial. They held regular ‘innovation talks’ to come of with creative ideas they could work on. One day, the discussed how to connect potential solar power customers and installers. Thus, the idea behind Megawatt was born.


Megawatt is an online platform that provides households with solar power offers from solar panel installers in their area. Based on input from the prospective customer on geographical location and other relevant input variables, Megawatt provides estimates of energy savings and details on offers from nearby installers that the customer can then choose to contact to make a deal.


Sergi walked me through the customer experience of Megawatt and explained the idea, while stating that he is grateful for how his choice of master’s has helped him along the way to develop this start-up.