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InnoBlog: Internship opportunities during the master’s

Pursuing a EIT InnoEnergy master’s programme is a different experience for everyone. In addition to choosing your programme, which university to attend and which elective courses to take, the master’s is also compatible with various internships and research opportunities.

The Paradox of Choice

If you’re about to apply for an EIT InnoEnergy master’s, you probably already feel you have enough decisions to make. Similarly, if you are a year one student trying to land your second-year university, odds are that you are already having a hard time weighing in university specialities, study tracks, and student life. And then, here I come throwing in another parameter to account for.

Depending on which university you choose, you will have different options to perform internships. These can be part of your degree or an activity that you do on the side. Internships can be paid or unpaid, with an external company or within your university.