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InnoBlog: How to speak confidently like Will Smith!

As we progress in our professional and academic lives, we find ourselves having more opportunities to speak in public. While some people may not struggle with these experiences, many engineering students dread the act of public speaking. We are also commonly advised to prepare and practice, but with all the assignments and social life, the days go by faster than a wig in a hurricane. EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programmes involve a lot of case presentations, challenges and industry interaction that require developing these soft skills. So, you better be prepared! Fortunately, Will Smith has a great structure for a memorable presentation. Through this article, I wish to convey some key pointers which might help you be the next decorated orator.

Importance of public speaking

Before we jump into the strategies, itis essential to understand the need for presentations. Being a good presenter will help us  acquire new opportunities as we advance in our professional goals. In addition, being able to speak well will enable us to grow your network and heighten our reputation which will consequently improve our confidence [1]. After all, who doesn’t love a confident soul! However, just as every coin has two sides, it’s also important to note that an inadequate presentation can lead to getting fewer projects and opportunities which may lead to valuable connections being lost. As EIT InnoEnergy students, we get many opportunities to network but also to propose solutions to cases from start-ups that EIT InnoEnergy supports. So, improving our communication skills becomes a key step to a bright future.