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InnoBlog: CommUnity Days in Berlin inspire EIT InnoEnergy students and alumni

In early November, EIT InnoEnergy students and alumni reconvened for the 2021 CommUnity Days in Berlin.

All day Friday, EIT InnoEnergy students and alumni from all over Europe arrived at the NH Alexanderplatz hotel. As hugs, fist-bumps and elbow nudges were exchanged, the air was abuzz: it had, after all, been almost two years since most of us had seen each other.


As pandemic-induced lockdowns and travel restrictions confined us to our homes, we transitioned to working and studying from our rooms. The student community – a highlight feature of the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programmes – was shifted online. Meet-ups, conferences and events were all held virtually. But now, regulations finally allowed us to reconvene in person for the CommUnity Days, a hallmark event of the EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity.

What is the CommUnity?

CommUnity is a student-led organisation composed of EIT InnoEnergy students and alumni. There are local CommUnities all over Europe, at the university locations offered by EIT InnoEnergy Master School. For me, it has been a great way to connect with like-minded peers and different energy stakeholders from the community, industry, or government.