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Latest news, insights and events for students
Latest news, insights and events for students

InnoBlog: Circular economy roadmap for Kuwait

Circular economy is an economic system aimed at reducing waste generation and at the same time keeping materials, products and resources at their highest value and utility. In contrast to the linear economy model where materials are disposed of after serving their purpose, circular economy focuses on building a closed-loop system. It is a recent modern trend in energy transition efforts. Created as a response to resources depletion, growing population and fast civilisation development, the concept is designed to address modern problems that our planet is facing.

A pressing issue

The implementation of the idea and approach of circular economy is one of the most pressing issues which should be adopted all over the world. Unfortunately, the concept is far from being embraced and the majority of countries are still relying on linear economy structures. With the situation reaching a critical level, Master’s in Energy Transition students took it upon themselves to drive change.

A real-life problem from Kuwait

A real-life problem that came from Kuwait became students’ first challenge to tackle the situation. The main objective was to design the process and tools to transform Kuwait’s energy situation according to the circular economy concept.


EIT InnoEnergy students from Silesian University of Technology in Poland and Kuwait University in Kuwait joined forces! Both groups were also supervised by their local professors, Krzysztof Pikoń in Poland and Mohammad Alshawaf in Kuwait to offer expert guidance in tackling the challenge.


The final product of the project, the roadmap, is a complex document outlining the possibilities of reaching circularity in Kuwait by 2050. It included a detailed plan with changes in the energy system, government policies, education, industry shift to a zero-carbon goal, taxation system and even financing tools for green solutions as well as fundamental modification of waste management system.

“Out of the box” thinking

Such a challenge-driven approach does not only complement active “out of the box” thinking opportunities presented during the programme but also allows students to build their network, practice Prince 2 and Agile skills (both certified project management courses) and strengthen their professional experience before they even graduate!


Master’s in Energy Transition students

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