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InnoBlog: Career Impact Programme

I am currently at KTH Royal Institute of Technology studying Nuclear Energy Engineering as part of EIT InnoEnergy’s European Master’s in Nuclear Energy (EMINE). Coming into this program I had been made aware by my seniors about the various activities and training courses that would accompany what we would learn in class. Monotony had been quite characteristic of my experience during my undergraduate studies in South Korea so naturally, I was rather keen to get things going. You can imagine how thrilled I was when within weeks of the semester commencing, the very first non-academic activity came up.

Career Impact Programme

Perhaps what distinguishes the EIT InnoEnergy Master School from similar programmes across the globe is the amount of exposure that the students get to the energy industry. One of these ways is through the Career Impact Programme which is a professional development programme that runs concurrently with our studies. Happening over the course of 12 months, the programme helps students bridge any gaps that might exist between what learned in class, the technical skills needed to thrive within the industry and the soft skills that one needs to develop to scale the corporate ladder.

Master’s in Nuclear Energy Information Session

26 November 2021. 15.00 CET. Nuclear energy plays an essential role in the global low-carbon energy mix. It is vital to the successful energy transition – and is a dynamic sector in which to build a lifelong career in sustainable energy.


Meet EIT InnoEnergy European Master’s in Nuclear Energy Programme Director and Coordinators to learn about its courses and syllabus, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Journey and career prospects after graduation!