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InnoBlog: Building powerhouse teams to make the energy transition happen

You must have heard sentences along the lines of: Teamwork make the dream work (John Maxwell) or Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much (Helen Keller). And, the truth is, Maxwell and Keller can’t be more on point. That’s why, learning how to work in a team is essential if we want to achieve professional success!

Career Impact Programme and GC Index

We have all felt frustrated and demotivated after working with people we do not align with. This slows down progress and caps the potential of what we can achieve when working with others. And let’s face it, that’s going to happen endlessly during our studies and careers. Thatis why, learning to understand and embrace our superpowers as well as being conscious about what our weaknesses is key.


EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre offer students a Career Impact Programme, a 12-month industry mentorship. The Game-Changing Index (GC Index) is part of this programme. It is a metric that empowers organisations (used by companies such as Deloitte, BCG, Engie, Dyson and many others) to create game-changing teams and cultures which result in improved performance and increase innovation. It disrupts how organisations nurture key talent and helps them identify how people across the whole spectrum can make their best impact according to their strengths.


After taking a questionnaire, you receive a very extensive and well-thought-through overview of who you are and what your strengths are. I was very surprised when I saw how accurate it was and how well I could relate!


The main profiles are:


  • The Game Changer – Transforms the future with disruptive ideas
  • The Strategist – Sees the future and sets the direction
  • The Implementer – Builds the future by getting the job done and achieving results
  • The Polisher – Creates a future to be proud of by setting and hitting high standards
  • The Play Maker – Orchestrates the future by making sure all voices are heard and taken into consideration


All these profiles are equally important and play a key role to make teamwork a true game-changing experience.