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17 June 2022

InnoBlog: Balancing student and social life

My name is Martim Perestrelo, I am Portuguese, and I just finish my studies in EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Renewable Energy programme. Currently, I am developing two start-ups alongside some colleagues and friends and my goal is to launch both successfully!

Starting a master’s programme abroad is an exciting experience in your life! You will be able to live independently in a new city, meet new people, learn about other cultures, experience different lifestyles, and much more, all while studying at one of Europe's greatest institutions!

Now the question is, how can you achieve all of this while still focusing on your studies? During my two years in Master’s in Renewable Energy, I observed many students struggling with this, including myself! It is critical to understand how to maintain a healthy balance between social and academic life. Let me share some tips after having completed my two years of studies.

The first weeks

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Keep up with classes

A healthy lifestyle

Before Exams

Being the best student

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