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28 December 2021

InnoBlog: 5 reasons to pursue a master’s degree

Having finished a bachelor's degree is already achievement. However, you may be having a specific career objective in mind, or you may want to explore alternative career choices. Irrespective of the reasons, we can all agree that pursuing a postgraduate course will enable you to reach new heights. The more reassured you become, financially, personally, and professionally, the more freedom you get.


In my case, I decided to study EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Energy Storage because I wanted to enhance my skill set and knowledge in renewability. Having done my bachelor's in Renewable Energy Engineering, I have been fortunate to have experienced an abundance of options for me to specialise in. From my point of view, energy storage is one of the vital solutions to our energy problem. So, through this programme, I wanted to expand my horizons and immerse in this field to contribute to a sustainable infrastructure!


I have compiled 5 reasons as to why, I believe, studying a master's programme could be the investment of a lifetime for you!

Becoming an expert

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Accelerate your professional development

Switch area of interest

Grow your network

Enrich individual growth


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