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How to boost your career with the growth of green hydrogen

The green hydrogen sector has emerged as a big player in the decarbonisation game, as Europe races to meet its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal for 2050. Green hydrogen is vital to integrate renewables into the energy system and, most importantly, decarbonise industry. So, it’s essential to understand how some of these key industries are not only going to be able to decarbonise but presently are – and even without subsidies. Carina Krastel, EIT InnoEnergy’s alumna and expert on green hydrogen, explains these trends.

Meet the expert

Carina, the Commercial Director of the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC), is passionate about the future energy transition and the part that green hydrogen will play. As a sustainable energy engineer, she has worked in the construction and industrial gas industry on sustainable energy, air quality and innovation topics since 2009. Before joining EIT InnoEnergy, Carina was the Director for New Offers for the Energy Transition for a French industrial gas company, focusing on green hydrogen and carbon capture solutions. As an EIT InnoEnergy Master School alumna, she joined EGHAC to further support new projects in the energy transition arena. She shares, “I raise awareness about the EGHAC and our innovative value chain approach to industrial decarbonisation, and I set up consortia for projects and support them to raise needed funds and milestones. For example, this interesting lighthouse project on green steel and additional fertilisers or synthetic kerosine projects. There are so many different industries where we can apply this value-chain approach!”