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Event location: Global

Event date: 18.11.2022 - 03.06.2023

EIT InnoEnergy Master School Upcoming Events

We run a number of international events throguhout the year, providing the most recent information and updates to our students.


From admissions process to daily student life, it is an ideal opportunity to explore what life as an EIT InnoEnergy student would be like. 

Information Session for students from India

1-1 consultation sessions in Lagos, Nigeria

Virtual Open Day: Winter Edition

InnoTalks: Politecnico di Torino

InnoTalks: Master's in Smart Electrical networks and Systems

InnoTalks: Ask Admissions - Round 2

InnoTalks: Master's in Nuclear Energy

InnoTalks: Master's in Energy for Smart Cities

EIT InnoEnergy Master School & GuateFuturo

InnoTalks Q&A: Master's in Energy Technologies


Past events

InnoTalks: Master's in Renewable Energy

InnoTalks: Master's in Sustainable Energy Systems

EIT InnoEnergy Master School & HonduFuturo

InnoTalks: Ask Admissions!

InnoTalks: Master's in Energy Technologies

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