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Alumnus Muhammad Zacky creates a sustainable waste management solution!

A big logistical challenge for sporting and other public events is managing the large amount of waste they produce. And typical businesses – where around 20% of operational costs are lost due to inefficient waste management. The big question is how can we solve these problems, make sure more waste is recycled and also turn a profit? Enter Resikin: a start-up that lies at the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainability in waste management.


EIT InnoEnergy Master School alumnus Muhammad Zacky has founded Resikin to optimise waste collection – and to create sustainable solutions for his home country of Indonesia. With a simple solution that can streamline the collecting, sorting, picking-up and recycling of waste – whether at a football game or an office complex – he’s well on his way to creating an empire from trash!

Waste management that makes sense

Muhammad shares some insight into Indonesia’s trash challenges, which he is hoping to solve: “It’s my goal to improve awareness of how to put trash in the correct place. In our country, people are still not disciplined (or educated on recycling) enough to take care of trash properly, and they just throw it wherever they like. On top of our waste management solutions that we offer now, that optimise trash collection when containers are full and streamline the pick-up and recycling process – we are also working on an exciting new videogame console prototype to be released this month. We are targeting people between 10-30 years old who will have fun and ultimately learn to change their habits while playing. After we instil good habits, it’s easier for the municipality to collect trash (according to type) and minimise the trash landfill. This is where Resikin can come in and offer them the perfect solution to optimise their waste collection. It makes me happy to help my community do better!”

The benefits of studying in Europe

When asked what compelled him to study in Europe, Muhammad shared his love of diversity and exposure to innovation: “In Europe, the community is so diverse, from all over the world. Therefore, I can learn from people with different nationalities and backgrounds.


Besides, in Europe new technology and innovation is growing very fast so I can learn state-of-the-art applied technology that can be used in a developing country such as Indonesia. As for choosing EIT InnoEnergy Master School, that was easy. I loved that the Master’s in Renewable Energy programme combined technology, innovation and business so I could gain all the fundamental knowledge to become an entrepreneur. I had access to great teachers and speciality courses, along with mentors, guest lecturers, successful entrepreneurs and investors. This is how you really learn to create successful new ventures, and my time there gave me the confidence to go out on my own!”

Advice from an entrepreneur in action

 Muhammad has some advice to offer those with big ideas, ready to go out and make them happen: “Entrepreneurship is a journey, which is not always glamorous as we see in the media. Start-up means we have to be ready for struggle. If we never experience these struggles, our true potential will never be realised. So enjoy the process, change your mindset to never stop learning, creating and innovating. Since my time at EIT InnoEnergy, my head comes out with hundreds of ideas every single week. However, I have to keep focusing on which ones can actually solve problems and make profits. Those are the ones that are going to make the world a better place. Look for the opportunities in the problems around you. For me, it was seeing what I could take from my studies in Europe to apply to real-life problems in my home country – this is where my head and heart could meet. Now go find your inspiration!”

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