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17 February 2020

Alumnus Muhammad Zacky creates a sustainable waste management solution!

A big logistical challenge for sporting and other public events is managing the large amount of waste they produce. And typical businesses - where around 20% of operational costs are lost due to inefficient waste management. The big question is how can we solve these problems, make sure more waste is recycled and also turn a profit? Enter Resikin: a start-up that lies at the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainability in waste management.


EIT InnoEnergy Master School alumnus Muhammad Zacky has founded Resikin to optimise waste collection – and to create sustainable solutions for his home country of Indonesia. With a simple solution that can streamline the collecting, sorting, picking-up and recycling of waste – whether at a football game or an office complex – he’s well on his way to creating an empire from trash!

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